Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Zekr 0.6.0 beta 1 is Ready

The first beta release of Zekr 0.6.0 is available for download. This release is a great step forward, comparing to 0.5.0. The most important new feature is advanced search with wild cards, scoping, grouping and Boolean operators support. Powerful Lucene text search library is used, and virtually all these queries should be supported. Pagination is supported with "advanced search" feature, as shown in screen shots. There are two options to sort search results based on: 1) similarity (similarity algorithm may be customized), 2) natural order of ayas (like the one available with normal search).

Another important feature in this release is adding a new (experimantal) Uthman Taha theme. It uses me_quran font, which is designed to be as similar to Uthman Taha's Quran calligraphy as possible. In addition a detailed version of Quran text file is used to support Uthman Taha's notation for Waqf, Wasl, Sajda, ....

Minor changes: Progress bar in splash screen, JQuery upgraded to 1.1.2, Bookmark-related icons enhanced, search configurations are now saved.

Here is some screen shots regarding new features in this release (custom mixed layout: multiple translations, was available from 0.5.0):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful program. I discovered it in the unofficial Ubuntu guide here

It would be perfect if you can add the possibility to listen from recitator too.

Mohsen Saboorian said...

We are currently working on Recitation feature, but I'm afraid it may not be delivered earlier than 0.7.0.

h said...

بنده هم نگفته ام ذکر متعلق یا وابسته به لینوکس شریف است
از بین 3 لینوکس بهترین جواب را از شریف گرفتم
به هر حال اگه سوءتفهم شده من عذر می خوام
مطلبم را هم ویرایش کردم